Master Water Specialist Richie Thompson About Richie Thompson - Owner of Aquatech of Idaho - Master Water Specialist

I began as a serviceman for a large franchise dealer here in Idaho, repairing and maintaining equipment all over Idaho. In 2001, I became a dealer myself, providing high-quality water softeners, complete treatment systems, salt delivery, and quality drinking water all over the Treasure Valley, Sun Valley, Glenns Ferry, McCall, Murphy, and Eastern Oregon.

Aquatech of Idaho - Water Treatment Systems

Aquatech has supplied high quality, residential, commercial, farm, and industrial water treatment systems, water softeners, and water purification systems for retail and wholesale customers. We combine professionalism, commitment to quality, personal attention, and current technology to provide the best possible water treatment products and water softener services available.

I am committed to providing superior equipment and services to our customers. Our customers are the most important part of the business. Contact us to learn more about Aquatech of Idaho and to discuss a special project.