Water Coolers

Bottle-less Water Coolers and Instant Hot

Get rid of the Water-Bottle Hassle and enjoy "Fresh-Squeezed" Hot or Cold Water!

PWC 1500

Hot & Cold water cooler with a modern look

A sleek, attractive bottle-less cooler that fits with today's modern offices. Reverse Osmosis "Fresh Squeezed" purified water as you need it. No water bottle hassle! No-drip dispensing faucets, safety lock for hot water. Available in executive grey, or silver and black.
Low as $45.00 per month with unlimited water.

PWC 1000 Economical

Hot & Cold water dispenser

Great for offices and factories. No-drip dispensing faucets, safety lock for instant hot water. NO HASSLE with Bottle Storage, Lifting, Spilling, Waiting for Delivery, extra Labor Costs, and Risks! Some models with refrigeration compartment for snacks and other drinks. Available in white or executive gray.
Rent as low as $35.00 per month.
Includes all service and filter changes.

PWC 3000

High Capacity 3-Temp Water Dispenser

"FRESH SQUEEZED" Purified Water as you need it! NO HASSLE with Bottle Storage, Lifting, Spilling, Cross Contamination, Waiting for Delivery, Labor Costs, and Risks! The stainless steel tanks feature hot, room and cold temperature water from your tap that is safe, clean and tastes great! Hot water will automatically shut off when it reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Also available with an ultraviolet sterilizer. Low as $45.00 per month.

PWC 400

Lo-Profile, Hot & Cold, and Pure Water Cooler

Clean, Filtered, Great Tasting Water from your Countertop. Sleek, Compact Design with HOT and COLD Purified Water! Constant Supply of "Fresh Squeezed" water, as you want it! As low as $20.00 per month.