Did You Know?

Did you know that Aquatech of Idaho's ALL AMERICAN whole-house water conditioners eliminate hard minerals, iron, tastes and odors, dirt, chlorine, and other nasties from your water so you can have clean, sweet, tasty water at every tap?

Aquatech of Idaho's water conditioners are custom made in the USA for the special water conditions of the Rocky Mountain region, where runoff carries old mining chemicals and other contaminants to our aquifers below.

Treating for some of these contaminants is done by our water delivery (city) systems, but only to the level considered "safe" by the EPA. Nuisance contaminants (like hardness, iron, manganese, sulfur) are seldom looked at.

These nuisance contaminants are what make your home operating budget so high, with high-cost chemicals and cleaners you have to buy to take care of your appliances, plumbing, house, and body. You owe it to yourself to have and enjoy the benefits of good, clean, and safe, water at every tap. It's much better for the environment, too! Even leaves more "green" in your pocketbook.