Free Home Water Test

What's in YOUR Water? Let's find out with a test for the possible contaminants or "problem causers" that you are having to deal with. Whether it's simply hard water minerals like calcium chloride, magnesium or manganese, or iron, sulfur, nitrate, or other more bothersome water conditions, it's easy to do.

Simply bring a water sample to our store for analysis for most common problems, or pick up a certified test bottle, fill and bring back for certified testing (there is a charge for certified testing).

If you are serious about correcting your problem, invite us to your home where we can do a comprehensive analysis of your conditions, consult and counsel you on possible ways of correction.

The basic water tests are FREE OF COST, whether in the store, or in your home. And if you invite us to your home, for a limited time, we'll bring you a Seychelle 18oz. Filter Bottle for filtering water on the go. It's great for camping, filtering chlorine from the restaurant, or for your 72 hour preparedness kit, and capable of filtering up to 100 gallons of water, 99.99% pure. And it's yours FREE with an in-home test!