Go Green – Protect Idaho's Water

Idaho’s Water is precious!

Treat it wisely!

Let it WORK for you!

The cleaner your water is, the better it can clean whatever it comes in contact with.

Water is a natural solvent. As Idaho water precipitates to the ground, moving down through the earth’s surface to the aquifers below, many pollutants and contaminants are dissolved into it. These contaminants then become part of our water supply as we draw the water up from the aquifers, and into our distribution systems.

To use this resource safely and efficiently, we must filter it and clean it, to remove as many contaminants as possible. As a precious and necessary asset to us, our water deserves our care! Returning our water nearly to its natural state of purity enables us to use much less of those harsh chemicals and cleaning agents that are so harmful to our fragile environment. But we must use them to offset the effects of hard water on our bodies, our health, home, and appliances.

Please Care!

Be careful with chemicals and other substances you put on, or in the ground, or down the drain!

Don’t pollute!

Aquatech of Idaho provides a variety of water treatment equipment to remove the hard, inorganic minerals from your water, making it soft and clean enough that you can use 50% to 75% less of the harsh chemicals in the products you purchase, or enables you to effectively use more natural cleaning products that are easier on our fragile environment. Either way, you win! You use less soap and detergents, and save 50% to 75% of the cost. Plus, you save time, because soft water is easier and scrubbing time is much less.

“And” (to coin a phrase), “That’s Not All!” You have not had a “shower” until you’ve had an Aquatech “Soft Water Shower”! It feels sooo good, leaving your skin so soft, and your hair so manageable! You seldom need body oils or lotions, nor conditioners. There are many, many other benefits to having Aquatech of Idaho Water in your home!

Get Sweet, Tasty Water at Every Tap!


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