Hard Water Wizard

An Alternative to Water Softeners

Don't be deceived!

The only "proven" technology" for truly soft water is as it has been now for 80 years: a "Water Softener" using salt brine to clean the resin which removes hard minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese, with some iron. As advertised, "SALT-FREE Water Softening" does not mean that NO salt is needed to clean your water softener resin. What some energetic sales people really mean in their (somewhat questionable) advertising, is that "sodium chloride brine" should be substituted for "potassium chloride brine." Potassium chloride IS defined as a "salt," and it works the same in your water softener, but it does not give you that "salty," brackish, or "fishy" taste and smell that you might experience from using their equipment. Potassium costs about 3 TIMES more than sodium, but with Aquatech of Idaho's equipment, you can't tell the difference. In fact, you can choose EITHER kind of salt in Aquatech of Idaho's equipment. Health effects of excess sodium or potassium salt? Probably none or very little. A water test would help you to be sure.

Now being heavily advertised are salt free electronic systems as a substitute for water softeners, so you don't have to "lift those 40# bags of salt every month…", etc. It's Easy! It's true, BUT… they do not remove the hardness! They do not remove the hard minerals! They do not "soften" the water! What these systems do do, is temporarily change the hard water molecules to soft crystals. They do temporarily "soften" the hard minerals in your water, but they do not remove them. However, if you are serious about this kind of water treatment, check out Aquatech of Idaho's Vertex "Hard Water Wizard." In comparison to others, the Hard Water Wizard performs better than most out there, for LESS MONEY, with no salt brine, with no backwash, with no water waste, and with no bulky tanks. With a set it and forget it operation, it removes existing scale. But, without added equipment, they do not remove chlorine, tastes and odors, iron and other annoying problems which might be found in your water.

The Hard Water Wizard offers many benefits for being such a small piece of equipment. Being more effective than a magnet, or most other similar devices, the Hard Water Wizard uses less than 10 watts of power, therefore increasing your water heater efficiency which saves you money! It also reduces your detergent use, saving you money all the while getting clean, soft clothes.

The Hard Water Wizard produces an oscillating electric field in the water pipe which changes continuously in frequency and direction. This changes the property of the hardness minerals so they stay in solution much more effectively.

The hard water wizard is a great choice for the home if you want soft water but don't want to hassle with the salt or maintenance of ion exchange softeners.