Perpetual Care

Salt prices are rising again! Cost of service is higher!

Sometimes it's a hassle to remember to buy salt at the store, and fill the brine tank on your water softener. Sometimes the water softener needs attention, and we put it off for later. Sometimes we have hard water scum building up on our dishes, clothes, and fixtures, and feel our skin dry and itching before we realize that something is wrong!

There are at least 9 good reasons why this program can be beneficial for you:

  1. Regular Delivery of your salt 3 or 4 times a year.
  2. We fill your salt container for you, and
  3. Up to 4 bags of salt are included, at no extra cost.
  4. We test your water, incoming and outgoing, every time.
  5. We perform a check-up on your equipment every time.
  6. We make service Adjustments, if needed.
  7. Annually perform a 10 step system procedure, lubricate the mechanism and if necessary, replace minor parts like o-rings, switches, batteries, etc., at no extra charge.
  8. Emergency Care? We hope you don't need it, but it's provided at No Extra Cost! (Except for operator error, or other conditions outside our control.)
  9. Free Consultation or water testing when needed.

The Perpetual Care Program is available at a very low price, considering rising costs of labor, gas, salt, and you are locked in to your rate, guaranteeing no increase for 2 years.

PCP for reverse osmosis systems is available for only $25 more, filters extra.

This is a great deal! You save money and time, and you don't have to worry about getting salt, loading it, or having hard water!